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Already in use in New York, Amsterdam and the Hessian metropolis of Frankfurt

Not only because of its flexible application possibilities, but also because of its ease of installation, the horizont guide threshold is used all over the world when it comes to finding temporary or permanent traffic solutions. It has also proven its worth for the construction and expansion of cycle path systems in a wide variety of places, including New York and Amsterdam. The southern Hessian metropolis of Frankfurt also relies on the products from Northern Hesse to make its inner-city traffic safer. 

According to the current National Cycling Plan 3.0, around 60 percent "of Germans plan to cycle more in the future". While 112 million km per day were covered by bicycle in Germany in 2017, 224 million km per day are already forecast for 2030. 
Due to the doubling of bicycle use in Germany, the bicycle is thus at the center of discussions on modern and sustainable mobility.

horizont Traffic Safety offers a mobile and flexible installation system for the creation of temporary and permanent cycle paths. 
Many concepts for the further development of urban infrastructure include the installation of cycle paths in highly frequented traffic areas. However, the installation often poses a challenge to those responsible, as there is a whole range of other aspects to consider in addition to traffic safety. 


From temporary to permanent cycle path system

Cycle lane systems are differentiated according to the duration for which they are used in a specific traffic area. Accordingly, a distinction is made between temporary cycle lanes, the so-called "Pop Up Bike Lane", and permanently installed, permanently existing cycle lanes, the "Protected Bike Lane".
Pop-up bike lanes are identified by yellow speed bumps. Protected Bike Lane can be identified by their white guardrails, or white guardrail feet, which are to be firmly bolted to the ground compared to the guardrail. 
The Pop Up Bike Lane is often chosen as part of the installation of new cycle lanes in order to test its usefulness and the acceptance of local residents towards the new installation system. Once the Pop Up Bike Lane has proven itself over a temporary period, the permanent bike lane system, the Protected Bike Lane, can be installed. 


Robust, flexible and easy to install - horizont Leitschwelle & Leitboys

As one of the world's leading companies in traffic safety, horizont offers an easy-to-implement and proven solution. The speed bump in combination with the Leitboys has been successfully used in the field of traffic guidance for decades. It is considered to be very robust and rests stably and reliably without being bolted to the ground.

The Pop Up Bike Lane is considered a real game changer for temporary relocations because the subsoil remains intact and the structure can be removed again without leaving any residue. The system is also convincing with its high quality for a permanently installed bike lane. 
Thanks to its stability, the Bike Lane contributes significantly to the feeling of safety and thus also to the acceptance of the cycle path by road users. Nevertheless, the speed bump can still be crossed in an emergency, so that in the event of an accident, for example, the emergency services not only have direct access to the victim, but also do not obstruct the flow of traffic. In addition, the integrated anti-slip system prevents the speed bump from slipping on the ground. On the other hand, sufficient distance to the ground is created so that rainwater can drain off in the best possible way. 


Individual advice and concept development

When planning the implementation of such traffic concepts, decision-makers and implementers will find a competent partner in horizont Traffic Safety. We help to find individual solutions and are happy to provide advice. 

Functions & features of the Klemmfix installation system for cycle lanes

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Leitboy III without handle

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