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For over 50 years horizont has been one of the leading manufacturers for road safety products. The high quality standards we set for our work and our products are one of the reasons why horizont is considered a reliable and competent partner for dealers and authorities.
Representatives of the industry and safeguarding companies also appreciate our certified products, which are adapted to their work.
Our product range is complemented by the exclusive product lines for fire department and police, which enable fast and safe working at hazardous and emergency sites.

horizont Bike Lane

We want to make cities safer for cyclists!

Therefore we have developed a quick professional installation system for cycle lanes which is already used internationally and contributes to increased safety in traffic.

The NEW safety light system 

This compact, easy to handle emergency kit of flash lights allows for safe and quick securing of hazardous sites. They turn on automatically when removed from the cradle and auto-sync to form a running light!

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NEW - Street Flash

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The product section of our website contains our complete product range with all relevant specifications. Our print catalogue also provides you with useful additional information about our products and offers you the opportunity to get an overview of our product range in the classic way. Request your print version from us or download your digital version directly for immediate use.